Wagan Heated Seat Cushion Automotive For 2018

Wagan IN9738 Black 12V Heated Seat Cushion (Latest Version 2018)

  • We have improved the heating wire technology for greater durability and safety, and expended heating window for faster heat for the latest version
  • Perfect for cold weather and winter driving. Maintains temperature between 110 and 120 degrees
  • Two elastic back straps and four cinch straps on the bottom of the cushion help keep the cushion firmly in place
  • Plug into the cigarette lighter of the vehicle to use. Unplug when not in use to avoid battery draining
  • Optional AC adapter is available for home and office use



Verified Reviews

  • Great for the price! After reading the other reviews, I always make sure to unplug it when I am not using it. However, I did leave it plugged in and on high once and there weren’t any issues. I definitely don’t see it catching on fire or burning my leather seats even if it was left plugged in for a long time, as I sometimes wish it would get warmer than it does on the high setting, but it works great overall and does get warm enough on most days. I highly recommend this product if you are someone looking for a pretty comfortable seat cushion that offers warmth, as long as you do remember to unplug it (if your car doesn’t automatically turn the power sources off when it is not running). I am very happy I purchased this!


  • I got this for my office chair because I was sick of the temperature fluctuation in the office. I love the auto-off feature that so many people complain about because I don’t always remember to turn it off when I get up from my seat. Although, I moved it to my car after a couple days because I missed having a warm seat.
  • I’ll be ordering a second one, along with ones for my farmer friend who has to sit in cold tractors.
  • Love this heated seat, I get about a year (one full winter) out of them. It’s my 3rd one. No need to buy it now since my new car has a heated seat which isn’t NEARLY as good as this Wagan one!!!


  • My old heated seat cushion died. The old one included vibrating action which I did not need, but at the time it was the only thing on the market. This is heat only so there are no lumpy hand bumps to sit on that provides for the vibration activity. The price is right, shipped in 2 days for me and works very well. Heats up in 60 seconds instead of waiting 10 minutes to feel heat from your car heating system.


  • This works in less than a minute after you plug it in. I had one last year but somehow it stopped working so I ordered a new one…you can’t beat the price plus I have auto start up for my car… so when I go in on a cold day like today… I am warm and toasty in the seat… the high setting is really hot… and feels great on your back, butt and thighs…I recommend this product
  • This is a gift. Not opened yet. I did buy one last year for a gift and my husband loves it.


  • I’m glad that I bought it


  • I have back problems and this helps when driving. I’m glad that I bought it.


  • Warm once you’re on it for a few.


  • Like the heated mattress pad I tried lately, this sort of uses your body to incubate in the generated heat. It’s not warm to the touch on its own. It’s fast enough I suppose, but I was hoping to sit down after letting it pre-heat for a bit to say “OOOH that’s nice.” Instead I’m saying “come on, come on, warm up, warm up……ahhhh, there it is.”


  • Good while it lasted
    Update: After just a few short months the low heat no longer works. High heat still works but now I’m forced to turn it off after a few minutes because it gets too hot. The low setting was perfect for me, I could drive all the way to work without getting too hot. Now I have to keep flipping the switch. It’s not even worth sending it back since I only paid $14. It’s just so disappointing when something you really liked fails so quickly.


  • The heated cushion I bought last year on EBay failed miserably and got returned (FYI, the previous POS heated seat cushion was also sold under the Peak brand name, so please stay away from those.)


  • I wanted to try another before it really got cold this winter and as soon as I logged onto Amazon this little beauty showed up on a time limited sale for $14 with free shipping! I figured I’d give it a shot. As always I received it immediately. I didn’t bother attaching it to the seat since my hopes weren’t high enough to warrant spending the extra time in case it didn’t work. I just laid it there and sat down. In no time my buns were getting warm and so was my back! Amazing! Someone actually made a product do what it’s supposed to do, cheaply and effectively.


  • Luckily for me, my car has a switched cigarette lighter so I don’t need to unplug it every time. I can leave it on low and it will begin heating as soon as I start the car.


  • The only drawbacks are the cord does appear to be rather short for using on the passenger side. You cannot avoid it, the cord is positioned on the right so it will be a longer run to the center console from the passenger seat. And as stated in other reviews the attachment straps appear rather weak but I can live with that as long as it keeps working.
  • Did Not Last Long: This thing didn’t even last a full season. I was using it in Alaska in a 2012 Chevy Silverado with its ice-block, heat reflecting seat foam that would take a half hour for my body to warm while driving it. In the last couple months of the season, I noticed that this heater didn’t even get as warm on the high setting as it had on the low setting when it was brand new.





  • Very good for those cold driving times, really helps when you have to be in your car before it’s warmed up! Would have been 5 stars, I wish it were a bit taller on the back part, I’m 5’3″ & it comes just above my shoulder blades. Not a big enough deal that I wouldn’t recommend it to anyway. Would buy again.
  • Works! Very nice and warm.


  • Good customer service
  • In October 2009, I purchased the Wagan 12V Heated Seat Cushion. I used this item for about 4 months (during the winter) and then carefully packed it away for the spring & summer. I took it out of storage a few weeks ago when it started to get cold. It worked for about a week and then stopped working! The light indicator shows that there is power but NO heat came through the cushion. I contacted Amazon and less than 2 hours later they returned my email with instructions on how to return the item (they sent me a prepaid shipping label) and notification that I would receive a replacement cushion. 2 days later, I received a new cushion! This one works perfectly fine. It gets nice and hot… keeps you toasty on these cold winter days.
  • Loved mine so much I bought 3 more. For my family. It’s a blessing warm on my back and legs. It’s steady heat. Now if I can find something for my knees when I’m driving I would be set.


  • Great gift idea that has not disappointed
  • We purchased this item in December as a Christmas gift for my mom. At least once a week since she has received it she tells me how wonderful it is and how much use she is getting out of it.
    I have also had the opportunity to try it out a couple of times and have found it to be a great product. The unit was very easy to install over the seat with the elastic bands and it does heat up very quickly.
    I am very happy with this product and would purchase one for myself in a heartbeat if I ended up with a car that didn’t have built in seat warmers.
    I did notice other review comments about the elastic bands breaking and have been keeping an eye out for that. So far, I have seen no signs of this becoming a problem.
    The only slight complaint I would have about the seat warmer is that if you are not careful as you sit down, the seat warmer is prone to bunch up underneath you. This could be a slight annoyance and is the only reason that I took one star off of my rating. But it is easy enough to sit up and straighten the seat warmer out. And this slight issue is more than made up for by the overall high performance of the seat warmer.
  • This was a great purchase. Really keeps your butt warm when you have four feet of snow and temperatures at 12 degrees!


  • Keeps my butt warm but takes a while…




  • Comfortable and warm


  • This product warms up quickly and to a very comfortable warm temperature
  • Oh how I have wanted warm seats without the expense of heated seats! This product warms up quickly and to a very comfortable warm temperature!





  • Warm your seat in a cold car….
  • Purchased as a Christmas gift, and he just loves getting into his truck when it’s cold out. We just had -13 below, so he really loves it. It is a great gift for someone who likes to have a warm seat to sit on in a cold car. The straps hold it into place nicely as well.


  • Drop Ship Problem
  • This product offers a way lower priced alternative to ordering leather/heated seats on a new vehicle. They also heat up much more quickly than any built-in heated seats that I’ve tried. On the downside, they can be a little hard to keep in place on the seat, despite the elastic straps and hooks. Also, one unit I received stopped heating early on, and I’ve seen similar reports from a few other users. Nevertheless, I ordered three more from autoaccessories4less through Amazon. You should know that they pass the order to the manufacturer, who then drop ships the goods. On this order, the mfr drop shipped only one instead of the three I ordered. It took a couple of calls to autoaccessories4less, but they finally induced the supplier to drop ship the balance of two units. You’ll probably do better. They do have a nice price, especially if you order more than one.


  • Poor design, falls apart
  • I have now owned three Wagan seat-heaters, and this was the first I bought. This one does have a hi/lo/off switch and is warm, but the material is very flimsy (rips easily, kind of a foam-like material) and the straps to hold this to the seat are worthless. Also, the cord separated from the seat with normal use. I got about five months of use from this. For comparison, I have also had Wagan IN2282 Black 12V Faux Leather Deluxe Heated Seat Cushion which is better design in terms of durability of material. That one lasted me the whole season, but was dead this fall after closet storage for the summer. I just bought Wagan IN9738-5 12V Heated Seat Cushion with Enhanced Durability and 3-Way Temperature Control Switch which seems to have durable material, much better straps, and has a 3-way switch.


  • This is an excellent value and works exactly as described. The ONLY reason I did not rate it at five stars is that the elastic straps that hold it on the car seat could be just a smidgen longer. Today’s contoured seats are bulky and the straps are stretched to the limit. However, the seat heats up quickly and gets nice and toasty. My new car came without heated seats, but I am just as satisfied with this heated seat cushion.


  • Great product especially for the price
  • This car seat has enough structure to stay in place fairly well. It heats up quickly and best of all, will not drain my battery if I inadvertently forget to unplug it. I don’t have cars that have heated seats but this is convenient in that I can grab it from my car and throw it in his truck if we are going someplace together. I really love it.


  • One Star Malfunctioned right after purchase

Wagan Model IN9728 Heated Seat Cover FAQ’S

Question: Can this heated seat be plugged in house wall receptacles?

Answer: You can buy an adapter for it. I love it in my car!


Question: does this have auto shutoff? Or pressure activation?

Answer: No, does not have either.


Question: Does it waterproof?

Answer: The Wagan IN9738 Black 12V Heated Seat Cushion is NOT waterproof. If you have any additional questions, I will be happy to help!!


Question: does it have a weight limit

Answer: do not know, but it does not get very warm


Question: I have this heated cushion, but the wire is on my right side. Can wire be attached on the left?

Answer: I would turn the cushion upside down


Question: Where I live it goes from 20f down to -40f and my car has leather seats. Will this be effective down to -40 when it’s that cold inside the car?

Answer: No way


Question: Can someone tell me what kind of fuse is in the 12V plug. I seem to be missing mine from last year.

Answer: Good Morning,


Question: Does this include an AC plug…looking to use it in a cold home office.

Answer: It does not come with one but I believe Wagan makes one specifically for that.


Question: Could you put a lumbar support underneath this heated cover? The lumbar version does not have enough support in itself

Answer: Not sure I don’t see why not only problem I see is how high you may you sit with it.


Question: how many watts does this draw?

Answer: I’m sorry but I don’t have an answer for you. I had placed the order for my sister as she doesn’t have a computer. She purchased it for her son.


Question: looking for optional adaptor for seat cushion in9738

Answer: Unfortunately my seat cushion would only vibrate, it would not heat. I returned the item.


Question: does the heating element on the bottom of the seat only heat the legs. Infrared picture shows no heating one’s bottom

Answer: It’s an all over heat


Question: What’s with the stinky smell?

Answer: Plastic?


Question: Can this item be plugged in a regular wall socket

Answer: not by itself but with an adapter it can, you might be better off with just a heating pad in the house


Question: I am looking for a cushion that will use a battery to use it anywhere

Answer: The only unit that I know of is a stadium cushion whose battery is recharged


Question: its say cigarette lighter but no cars have them anymore…?

Answer: Now called an Accessory Port, without the lighter.


Question: Would the cord reach from the back seat to plug in in front?

Answer: Probably not



Question: I bought one of these not long ago and worked fine and now the light comes on but there is no heat!

Answer: My best guess would be a broken or loose wire possibly in the plug.


Question: Mine is blowing the internal fuse when I am trying to connect it to 12 V outlet of my car. What could be the reason?

Answer: Because the product you purchased is substandard trash. I ordered 3 of them, and ONE worked. Sorry you wasted your money.


Question: Is this comparable to a heating pad? I’m looking for heat for sore muscles due to extensive driving

Answer: Yes, it is very similar to a heating pad, except it also heats the tosh area. I truly couldn’t drive very far without it due to back pain. I usually just keep mine on low, but it’s nice to have the higher level just in case. Love it!


Question: How many amps or watts does this use? I have limited 12V power available.

Answer: There is nothing in the literature stating the wattage of the unit. Since it has a LOW and HIGH you’d think Wagan would let you know. I’ve emailed Wagan tech support and will post back if they every respond.